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.com $9.99, .info $4.99, .org $9.99, .net $16.99, .co $9.99, .xxx, .adult, .sex





Our virtual Web Hosting plan can meet all your needs. We have Economy Web Hosting plan which can host 100GB web space at only $3.33/m. Unlimited website and Unlimited web space, Unlimited Bandwidth only Needs $6.99 per month.

All Linux web hosting Plans Include:
  1. World-class data centers
  2. Cloud Adult Web Hosting
  3. Best-of-Breed routers, firewalls and servers
  4. FREE email addresses
  5. 99.9% uptime guarantee
  6. One-click install of free applications
  7. Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
  8. Flexible, easy to use control panel (cPanel or Plesk)
  9. 1 GB storage MySQL linux databases
  10. NO hidden fees
  11. 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  12. All Web hosting accounts are placed in our cloud servers.

The Cpanel Linux control panel includes:


  • cPanel
  • Softaculous
  • RVSiteBuilder
  • File Manager
  • FTP Manager
  • Website Statistics
  • Custom Error Pages
  • SMTP/POP3 Accounts
  • IMAP Support
  • WebMail Access
  • Auto responders
  • Mail Forwarding
  • SpamAssassin
  • Alias
  • Addon Domains
  • Directory Privacy
  • Disk Usage
  • Redirect
  • Simple and Advanced Zone Editor
  • Subdomains
  • Metrics and Analysis
  • Cron Jobs
  • TRack DNS
  • Apache Handlers

  • MySQL 5.1.x
  • Host Unlimited DBs
  • phpMyAdmin Access
  • Windows Media Compatible
  • Flash / Shockwave
  • Real Audio/Video Compatible


  • PHP 5.3.x
  • Perl 5.8.8, Ruby on Rails
  • Python, SSI, CGI, Fast CGI
  • Curl, CPAN
  • Zend Optimizer
  • GD Library, ImageMagick
  • Ruby on Rails


  • Daily Backups (7 Days Retention)
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Hotlink Protection
  • IP Deny Manager
  • Shared SSL
  • Private SSL (Optional)
  • IP Blocker
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What is Linux Adult Web Hosting and Cpanel Hosting

What sort of web hosting options should you go for if you want to host an adult website? You need to remember that this is the most critical aspect of your adult website. Facts like shared or dedicated adult web hosting, the maximum allowed bandwidth, the average uptime of the server and the server space should be critically taken into consideration while researching for your adult web host.Now let us visit some points in detail to make sure that you choose the right adult web host to host your adult website.

SHARED Linux Cpanel web hosting such as can meet most of your ADULT website HOSTING needs:

We can provide the unlimited adult web hosting and unlimited bandwidth services to host and support you to run a successfully websites. You can assign unlimited websites in your shared adult web hosting account. There are some web hosting companies that have issues with hosting adult content. Prior to booking the server space and uploading your website, you should make it clear to your web host that you’re planning to host an adult website on their server. We have a large amount of lawyer groups and we can host any kinds of adult websites but no warez, no copyright, no legal adult websites allowed.

We have cut edge adult web hosting technigue and the world class web hosting support team. It’s not enough to just have a website and quality adult content. In case there is some problem, your adult web hosting company should be able to address the issue as promptly as possible. We host your adult website in a cloud  hosting environment and your hosting can be smoothly run and even no downtime.

Although estimates vary, Linux – the most common type of Unix – is generally accepted to have an overwhelming majority over Windows servers. It’s no fluke: Google uses more than 15,000 Linux servers to serve up its content.

Why is Linux so popular when it comes to web hosting?

Linux is an open source operating system. It can be installed for any purpose free of charge. The same is true for three key pieces of software needed to serve a website:

  • Apache, Linux’s leading Web server application
  • MySQL, the most prominent database application
  • PHP, the most popular scripting language

Large hosts want to push Linux because there are no licensing costs to cover, so they can drop prices and aim for bigger profits. The only thing that needs to be paid for is the control panel tool, if the host chooses to offer one.

The cost angle also applies to hardware. Linux is arguably the best operating system for slower machines. Hosts can use older servers with Linux and get more use out of ageing equipment.

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