How to Add Meta Tags In WordPress

While Meta tags won’t necessarily help you improve your SEO rankings drastically, they are still important for authentication and describing your page content.

1. Download the Meta Tag Manager Plugin. And then Activate it.

2(A). Enable It Under The Page You Want

2(B). Or Enable it Under All Pages

Now Let’s Talk About The Structure Of Meta Tags

  • Tag Type
    • One of – Name/Http-equiv/Charset/Itemprop/Property
    • Most of the time this will simply be Name. The Type defines what kind of Meta Tag this will be.
  • Value
    • The is the actual Value of the Type defined above.
  • Attribute
    • This is the content attribute of the value given above.

In the example above:
The Tag Type is Name.
The Value of Name is msvalidate.01.
The Attribute of msvalidate.01 is 0123456789ABCDEF0123456789ABCDEF.

This way, when Microsoft comes looking for the Key msvalidate.01 on my website, it’ll find the corresponding value of 01234….DEF. And will know that it’s my unique number!

Three Most Important <Meta> Tags

  • Description
    • This is a short summary of the page and its contents. Be careful of a word limit though, since most search engines truncate after 160 characters.
  • Keywords
    • Here is where you put all keywords you used in your site. Search these keywords should be concise enough so the user will know what the site’s about purely from the keywords.

Takeaway: Even though Meta Tags aren’t used very much for page ranking, search engines still use them to test site validity.