What Is SSL And Why Do I Need It?

What are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

A SSL certificate is a way to know that your site is protected, non-compromised and authentic.

It secures a link between your website and the client’s browser.

Meaning whenever a client types into a form with their personal data, the data gets sent directly to the server. This data is not manipulated or read along the way. 

What it’s typically used for.

Websites requiring sensitive information such as credit card details.
Ensuring the authenticity of a website
Data transfers and logins
Browsing social media sites

How does it do all of this?

Encryption of the data uses something called Public Key Cryptography. The actual cryptography is complex, so let’s deal with a simple example:

  • There are 2 randomly generated numbers that correspond with each other
  • One is PUBLIC Key, the other one a PRIVATE key
  • Everyone can know the PUBLIC key
  • Only the server knows the PRIVATE key

When a user fills out a form, the form is then sent ENCRYPTED with the PUBLIC key. Now the form is a series of weird characters to whoever reads it. The only way to make sense of the form is to DECRYPT it with the PRIVATE key (which only the server knows). This way, only the server knows the true contents of the form. 

How can this benefit me?

The general public is getting smarter and picking up on these security measures. The first thing anyone should do when they go to a page is to check the Padlock and the corresponding HTTPS:// to make sure the site they’re on is safe. 
When you do have customers, SSL makes sure their data is secure and not compromised. 
Improves webpage rankings and SEO capabilities

How can I secure my site? 

We have a whole series of SSL certificates SSL Security Products Ranging from just 1 site to as many as 5 sites simultaneously. The main difference between Standard and Premium is how much your site is insured for if there is a data breach. So put your worries to rest and get one today!